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Thanks for checking us out! Project Feedthem is a non-profit organization out of southern california. We prepare you and feed them!

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Before you read anything on Project FeedThem, we'd like to call out two simple facts. One, every year there's an average of almost 4 thousand earthquakes in the United States alone. Two, over 6 million children worldwide die every year of starvation.

Our Mission Is Simple: To fight against world hunger through the sale of reliable earthquake emergency kits.

Here at Project Feedthem, we market and sell emergency kits containing food, water and shelter. For every kit sold, the value of the contents inside are matched, and all proceeds are given to partnering organizations around the world in the fight against world hunger.

Scientists are working hard to understand the causes, and warning signs of earthquakes. Hopefully one day, they will even be able to accurately predict or even prevent them all together.

On the contrary, the tragedies of world hunger are well known, and every one of us has the opportunity to do something now.

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Prepare yourself. Feed them.

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Prepare You, Feed Them

"What a blessing to work with Project Feedthem! They are so loving, caring, and great with the kids they work with. I don't know of any other organization that makes helping others in need so much fun!"

Kim Vangeloof - Superintendent, Eastside Christian School

"Project Feedthem is what has been missing in the world. It will go on to change millions of children one bite at a time."

Charles E. Williams - Business Specialist, Wells Fargo

"Having personally worked with Project Feedthem, it's easy to see that this is no ordinary organization. I can't help but get a strong feeling that this organization will boom as it continues to grow and the team sticks together."

Josiah Gutierrez - Film Specialist